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Women’s Fashion Wear For 2019

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Haven’t you always heard about the old saying like “a first impression is always the last impression? So what does fashion mean to you? Fashion is all about setting the trend in how you want the world to see and get inspired. Fashion is a benchmark in how we dress, style our accessories and how we carry the style statement after stepping out of the home. The fashion trend is a creative and innovative method to make our monotonous routine life brighter, colorful and enjoyable experience. Fashion sense differs from person to person. People from the rich background like celebrities would prefer customized designer wear, while those from the middle class would try a little bit of mix and match from here and there. Anyway, the new year has just started so for those of you curious to know how to add different changes in women-wear take a look below:


  • In Skirts you have pleated ones ideal for office and casual wear to give a perfectly chic look.
  • Satin and Silk tops are also seen to be in demand these days that are available in the different sleeve and sleeveless types. Also, most of the camisoles have come up in the market made of satin or netted in texture.
  • There is an enormous craze for big size coats, robes, long dresses, maxi dresses and wrap dresses for maximum comfort wear that are readily available in pretty floral or attractive elegant shades with the option of slits to suit any occasion.
  • Cargo trousers, Biker shorts in animal skin scale pattern or primary shades and stripes also seem to be the popular craze of modern women.
  • Sweaters or cardigans like those with bubbly or popcorn texture are liked by most women to style up with their pair of trousers, salwar kameez or just with the denim.
  • Jumpsuits have been in trend for quite some time, but this will also continue for this year in glittery and sequin prints.
  • Besides these, there is a rise in women garments with a touch of soft fur, glitter, and bold colors.


  • In earrings, we see longer, brightly colored, fluffy tassels, faux earrings in leather material, tortoise pattern of ear war that is grabbing many women’s attention since 2018.
  • Sunglasses in oval shape are in latest trend for 2019.
  • Bags manufactured in jute, bamboo that are stylish in various shapes and sizes especially in rounds and clutches are becoming popular than the usual duffel, satchel, slings or big shape bags made from the genuine leather.


  • In Footwear, we have noticed that sneakers with the high platform will continue to be a big hit in the footwear market. They come in either single or multi-colors to make your looks more sporty and elegant.
  • Sports shoes for running, walking, training purpose of soft cushioning and platform layered are also in trend for this year.
  • Boots of high length, specifically the velvet and snake patterns are of higher demand by women than traditional leather material.

Fashion Trends for Men to Look Out in 2019

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             In today’s world, it is a fact that what a person wears can tell a lot about them. With the changing years and the never-ending change in trends of clothing, people usually get confused as what to buy and what not to buy due to the number of options. Every person in this world wants to look good either to impress others or to make themselves happy.

        There is always a new flow of trend that starts with every season thus making it harder to buy clothes. Speaking specifically towards men, we usually don’t have many options of clothing and end up buying what we see other men are wearing without thinking that it might not suit on us. Here are a few mens fashion trends 2019 you can follow this 2019 that will make you look stylish and make you a trendsetter.

1) Vertically striped pattern –

             Vertical striped patterns help you to play with the contrast of different colors or even shades of the same color depending on whether you decide to make a bold statement or remain casual. This pattern fits perfectly with the breezy summer weather and is often an eye catcher due to its design and color palette.


2) Tropical Print –

              This is one such pattern that is considered as the layback fashion for men. It goes great with both summer and spring, and the tropical patterns can light up the mood of anywho who wears it. It can be worn by the pool, at the beach or even on your patio while you sip a glass full of daiquiri.

3) Classic Checks –

               Checks are one such pattern that has an everlasting stylish look. They seem to go well with almost anything as it could be worn over jeans, over half pants or even as shirts inside suits. The pattern design of checks is not just restricted to shirts as now there are overcoats and even caps that are taking this pattern and making them look stunning. Checks allow you to play with colors or various shades thus making it an eye-catcher.

4) Turtle neck suits –

               It is always appreciated to play around with the same old fashion patterns. In this case, take off the same old shirt that you wear inside your suit and replace it with turtlenecks. They create a sleek, stylish look and also keep you extra warm. They qualify as both business and casual at the same time and can be worn to dinner parties or even business meetings.

5) Pinstripe –

             Pinstripes are the oldest and one of the most stylish forms of dressing. Whether it be single breasted or double breasted, they never fail to create a good impression. It is one of the coolest forms of tailoring, and it as acts as a confidence builder. It is always highly adviced to get these types of suites made rather than buying readymade ones. Getting them tailored ensures you getting a perfect and length and fitting.